I hope you had a chance to partake of the International Gathering this past Saturday.   It was a moving time of hearing God’s children , us, sing, witness, and encourage from many different lands and in different languages.   It was well worth the time.

The next Gathering  (remember two,  two, two Gatherings in one – – – month) is this coming Friday, 9.25.   This will be an HOC Emmaus Gathering.   Perhaps those of us with contacts in other places should share and invite others to join us.

More details will come Wednesday, check out the HOC Emmaus Facebook page and the Yahoo email group.

For the moment, know that it will be at 7:30.   It will be done across Facebook Live.   There will also be a visiting time before and after as was done in August using Zoom..  Watch for the “more details”.   For the moment however, have your calendars marked.

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