Good morning HOC Emmaus Community! I apologize for not clarifying before now. But, the International Gathering that

Debora Murphy posted about earlier this month, will take the place of our ‘normal’ monthly Gathering as it falls on the same day we would normally have our community Gathering.

We do plan on having a Zoom meeting open to those who would like to participate, starting at 7:00 pm Eastern and ending at 8:00 Eastern, when the International Gathering begins. We will get the link out to the Zoom meeting prior on this page once we have it set up. This time together will be informal & a time for us to catch up with each other before the larger Gathering.

We are still looking for those churches who are willing to take on a Gathering over the next few months. So, please, please let us know if that’s something your church would be interested in and have the tech in place to support.

Can’t wait to see everyone & enjoy some fellowship with you all.

Grace & Peace to you all! 🌈

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