Sponsorship Training

Must be completed in person prior to sponsoring your first pilgrim.

UnWise Sponsorship

Considering the comfort level of the pilgrim for the walk experience is vital.

Wise Sponsorship

Considering sponsoring those committed to living a life pleasing to God.


As a sponsor, share aspects of the walk with potential pilgrims.

Sponsorship Information

If you have attended an Emmaus Walk or similar event and would like information about prayerfully sponsoring a Christian on an upcoming Emmaus Walk, please contact the Heart of Carolina Emmaus community registrars:  Marvin and Pat Morris

From the Registrars:
Please only use the updated form on this web site as all other forms are out of date. This form has been updated as of January 19, 2024 and at the bottom of the form shows “Revised 1/2024”. Please read all questions carefully.

All registration forms should be mailed to us at: 

Marvin and Pat Morris
369 Caraline Ln

Semora, NC  27343

The Registration Form (application) and the Sponsor Covenant Form are available as a PDF file.  Both pages are to be completed and mailed to the Heart of Carolina Registrar with the deposit amount required to process application.  Please be aware of the fee amount for Walk weekend.  Prices are subject to change.

NOTE: As of 1/1/2024 the new Walk weekend fee is $275. We still require a $50 deposit with the application submittal.


GOOD SPONSORSHIP is vital to the Emmaus Movement, and it is the most important job in Emmaus.

SPONSORSHIP TRAINING must be completed in person prior to sponsoring your first pilgrim. Updated  training may be completed on-line prior to sponsoring subsequent pilgrims.  Training must be current prior to applications be sent and accepted by the Registrars.  Applications are good for one calendar year from date received by the Registrars.  Any pilgrim who has not attended within one calendar year from initial application and still desires to attend must complete new application.

Sponsors may sponsor up to two pilgrims on one Walk.  This is to ensure each pilgrim is given the prayer, attention, and peace of mind they deserve to feel secure in attending the Walk.


After prayerful consideration, the sponsor has two considerations to make: whom to sponsor and whom NOT to sponsor.
A key factor in your consideration is the comfort level of the pilgrim to experience this weekend.

Unwise Sponsorship

  1. Those persons who would find The Walk to Emmaus a discomforting experience should not be pressed to attend.  This discomfort might extend to beliefs about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit that differ from the traditional Christian belief of the Holy Trinity. The Walk to Emmaus it is not a place for theological or religious debate.
  2. Some Christian groups have specific dietary restrictions and Sabbath celebrations that the Emmaus weekend experience cannot provide.
  3. Do not sponsor persons who are not a member of a church.
  4. Do not sponsor people involved in recent or unresolved emotional distress; for example, the death of a loved one, family breakup, divorce proceedings, work downsizing, job loss, and health problems.  (If you are unsure about this, please ask his/her pastor!) Those who are unable to sit in the conference room chairs for several hours at a time, or have severe medical problems should not attend.
  5. Church Hoppers (those who join a church, find something they don’t like, complain, then leave) would be an unwise choice.  Many always seem to have an axe to grind against the church, while others are looking for a perfect church.
  6. Soapboxers: People that use any forum to talk about their favorite theme.  They do not hear or want to hear other views, but are very persuasive to sway others to their position.
  7. Persons who decide not to make a Walk after being presented the opportunity.
  8. Sponsorship should be a prayerful decision and not based on numbers or other individuals that may or may not be also on the walk.

Wise Sponsorship

Initially, consider sponsoring those persons who are committed to living a life that is pleasing to God, those who want to grow and increase their knowledge and understanding of God and his will.

  1. Church leaders (pastors and laypersons), those serving on committees, outreach programs, anyone participating in the ministries of the church.
  2. Couples: Try to get them to go on the same set of walks or back-to-back walks.
  3. Single persons who are active in the church.
  4. Less active members who need their awareness of grace rekindled and their commitments renewed.
  5. Christians who want to grow spiritually:
  6. Members of diverse congregations, denominations, and ethnic groups.


  1. Spend concentrated time in prayer in an effort to discern whom God wants you to sponsor. The overriding purpose of Emmaus is to Christianize the environments such as the home, business, friendships, and churches.  The whole weekend experience leads pilgrims to desire a reordering of priorities, to understand and experience God’s grace within a community of believers, and to be drawn into deeper discipleship by the Holy Spirit.
  2. Meet with the potential pilgrim and share with them some of the aspects of the walk:  This may be an appropriate point to address the issue of secrecy.  One of the worst mistakes made by those of us who have attended the Emmaus Walk is to be too secretive about what happens on a Walk.  The Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus states “There is nothing secret about Emmaus.” When your prospective pilgrim asks you a specific question, you should always give an honest and truthful answer.   Chances are they aren’t going to think to ask you about Apostolic hour but if they do, you should not try to deceive them.   It would be better to tell them more than necessary than to be too secretive.
  3. Tell your pilgrim about the format of the weekend:
    • There will be fifteen talks, group discussions, singing, worship and time for fellowship.  It’s fine to tell them about the type of food served, communion, and the sleeping accommodations. They will be with people they don’t know, but in a short time they’ll become a close-knit community.  This experience will demonstrate the love of God and strong Christian fellowship.  Hopefully, this will help to set their minds at ease.
    • Also tell them about Reunion Groups and how they can help to encourage them in further spiritual growth.
  4. After you have answered all questions, give your prospect an application.   (Registration forms can be downloaded from the website).  Be sure to explain the application. If you have a pamphlet or book on Emmaus, give this to your pilgrim.
  5. Please review application with pilgrim.  Be sure to explain about no electronic devices, such as cell phones, ipod, ipads, etc.  If your pilgrim has a device, such as cpap machine,  please ensure this information is provided on application.  This information is required to be able to properly plan.
  6. We schedule based on the date registration forms are received.   We will send an email confirmation to sponsor about Walk assigned to (if no email provided- we will call sponsor) shortly after application is received. Walk information letters will be sent two to three weeks prior to walk to both the pilgrim and sponsor.  Let us know if your pilgrim can or cannot go on the assigned walk.  It is the sponsor’s responsibility to advise the registrars of any changes such as change of address, phone number , medical information, or desire to attend the Walk.
  7. Begin preparations to request the personal agape letters; 12 LETTERS are needed.  Please be sure to get letters from family and good friends.  Please mark the letters with “SPONSOR” or “S.” If you have more than 12, give the extra to the pilgrim after closing.  Just be sure the most important letters are in the initial 12 the pilgrim will be given on Sunday.  If you do not have 12 letters, people working behind the scenes (who probably don’t know your pilgrim) will have to make up the difference.
  8. Please be in continual contact with your pilgrim to ensure no changes or desire to attend have occurred. A few days before The Walk event, contact your pilgrim as a reminder about the upcoming Walk. Offer guidance about what to pack for the weekend and answer any questions your pilgrim may have.  There are guidelines in the letters sent to each pilgrim about what items to bring.
  9. Get your pilgrim to sendoff by 7:00 p.m., and bring your pilgrim to check-in table to assist with check in.  After you have prepared your pilgrim’s luggage, REMAIN  with your pilgrim through send-off, introducing him or her to others.  Remember to be sure the pilgrim has eaten supper since no food is served Thursday night.  Following send-off, the sponsor is to attend sponsor’s hour. At this time you have the opportunity to pray for your pilgrim and place their cross on the large cross.
  10. Please bring a snack and 2 liter beverage for snack room during the Walk.  We suggest you might bring something your pilgrim is especially fond of or if diabetic, something the pilgrim can consume.
  11. Spend as much time as possible in prayer for your pilgrim prior to and during WalkBe a part of the 72-hour prayer vigil.
  12. During the 72 hours check on your pilgrim’s family to provide necessary assistance.
  13. Attend the Saturday candlelight service and take any additional agape letters you have collected.   Insure they do not contain gifts.  Any letters containing gifts will not be given to the pilgrim.
  14. Be at closing.
  15. Go to the follow up meeting and assist him or her in joining a reunion group.
  16. Get the new member to a gathering and introduce him/her to others in the Emmaus community.
  17. Teach the new Emmaus member how to be a good sponsor and be sure he/she understands the responsibilities of good sponsorship. Ensure they attend sponsorship training.

Please remember that sponsorship can be wise or unwise.  Unwise sponsorship results from unbridled enthusiasm.  Sponsors with unbridled enthusiasm approach anybody and everybody with the admonition that “you need to go on The Walk.”  Wise sponsorship is careful, intentional, prayerful, and purposeful because it results from God’s leading.  Wisely sponsored pilgrims return to their churches and community renewed in the commitment to be effective disciples.  THIS is the purpose of Emmaus.

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